The Unsung Heroes: Care Givers and Social Workers’ Role Empowering Vulnerable Children in care

Behind every empowered vulnerable child in care, stands a dedicated, compassionate caregiver and social worker. These unsung heroes play a pivotal role in reshaping lives, one child at a time. In this article, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable work of our caregivers and social workers who provide vital support in the lives of Abraham Kriel Bambanani’s children- especially their mental health.

In a world full of challenges, vulnerable children often face unique emotional hurdles. The absence of parental care, and the experience of loss and trauma can have a profound impact on their mental well-being. Behind the smiles of these children lie hidden scars- the emotional wounds that often go unnoticed. These young souls, who have already weathered the storms of loss and abandonment, are particularly vulnerable to a myriad of mental health challenges.  It is imperative that they receive the love and support necessary to overcome these challenges, in a loving and safe environment.

“When I first started working at Abraham Kriel Bambanani, I felt so sorry for these kids and I wanted to fix their problems but as the years went by, I realised that what I do for them is good. All they want is love and attention, someone to feed them and see them off for school in the mornings and someone who will put them to bed at night. Basically, they want a mom and that is what I am to them” – Tannie Magriet, Care giver/House mother.

“Here at work, looking after these children is not just a job, it’s something that God gives you” – Tannie Virginia, Care giver/House mother.

Thandi* is one of the children who has experienced unconditional love and support from her caregiver and social worker. Thandi has been in the care of Abraham Kriel Bambanani (Maria Kloppers Campus) from birth to date. She is currently in her matric year and has recently been awarded the Pro Fortitudine student award at her high school. This achievement is awarded to the student who has shown strength of character, perseverance and fortitude. For Thandi, this is admirable as she has faced many hardships throughout her life, especially with regard to mental health.  She lost her mother at a very young age and growing up in an institution without a family contributed to her challenges. Her unanswered questions lead to a low self-esteem and self-worth. Despite this, she has shown great resilience and strength and is looking forward to the possibilities that life has to offer. Thandi is determined to complete her final exam as best she can and is dreaming of a career in drama.

When asked about the role of her caregiver and Social Worker in her life, Thandi had the following to say…

“Aunty Beverly (caregiver/house mother) changed the way I look at life. She made me believe that God has always loved me. Aunty Esther always believed in me and cared for me more than anyone ever did. They made me who I am today. My role models and my light, my heroes. My Social Workers taught me to be stronger and courageous. They prepared me to face the world and be who I want to be” – Thandi. 

Abraham Kriel Bambanani expresses great gratitude towards our caregivers and social workers for their relentless work in uplifting and empowering our children, and we especially value their unwavering dedication and support for the mental health of the children in our care. In the embrace of caring caregivers and social workers our children find solace, hope, and the strength to heal.

*Not her real name

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