Our children DID NOT ASK to be ABUSED and TRAUMATISED!

They did not ask for these circumstances.

Please join team #RIDE4HOPE and help raise funds for all the children at Abraham Kriel Bambanani because they DESERVE holistic CARE and SUPPORT.

Abraham Kriel Bambanani is in need of SUPERHEROES to join team #Ride4Hope that will SAVE the abused, traumatised and vulnerable children in its care.

Our hope is anchored in faith, and YOU can be the ANCHOR our children need to be grounded and steadfast, so that they can look up to a brighter future!

#RIDE4HOPE… because every child deserves an anchor of hope.

Why you should ride for team #ride4hope?

  • You are a superhero
  • You get an earlier start time than the others
  • You get to wear our super cool cycling kit
  • Most importantly – You will change the life of a child that has been abused and traumatised!

To join Team #Ride4Hope, here’s what to do:

We look forward to welcoming you to our team

Ready to ride?
Contact Ricci on 083 570 8784 or rb@abrahamkriel.org 

If you haven’t spent enough time in your saddle – why not JOIN us for the 35km short ride!

Please note:

  • Participating riders are required to raise a minimum of R3000.
  • Monetary donations will receive an 18A Tax receipt.

We recommend GivenGain as your online fundraising platform for your #ride4hope campaign. CLICK HERE