Aasvoëlkop Satellite House

It is a tremendous advantage for children who need residential care, to grow up in a satellite house. The satellite home has a permanent house father and mother to provide the children with the necessary care and attention as in a healthy family. A small committee, consisting of local community volunteers, assist the house parents with the necessary support. This makes it possible for them to grow up in a home that resembles a normal family environment. They can visit friends and be visited. They can socialize and be part of the local community. They form bonds with local families and have a network of friends once they leave the home.

At House Aasvoëlkop we are privileged to meet 10 girls.

Here we provide holistic care to girls who can benefit from a family care, to develop them and to re-integrate them into society. They are also provided with appropriate educational opportunities so that they can reach their full potential. It is important to provide them with social skills, a network of friends in the local community, and support systems that will help them when they leave the home.

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